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Use of Information Rights Management (IRM) in SharePoint

By Eranda Ketawalage on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 0 comments

SharePoint is a Collaborating web platform provider which helps us to share documents and other information with the users of the SharePoint site.
Information security is a main concern when sharing documents with various people. Information Right Management server facilitate to overcome the information right violation and restrict the access of the documents.

Followings are the main advantages of IRM which mentioned on Microsoft.com site

1. Helps to prevent an authorized viewer from copying, modifying, printing, faxing, or copying and pasting the content for unauthorized use
2. Helps to prevent an authorized viewer from copying the content by using the Print Screen feature in Microsoft Windows
3. Helps to prevent an unauthorized viewer from viewing the content if it is sent in e-mail after it is downloaded from the server
4. Restricts access to content to a specified period of time, after which users must confirm their credentials and download the content again
·         Helps to enforce corporate policies that govern the use and dissemination of content within your organization

 IRM protection can applied at the library level or the list level.

Here are the main steps you have to follow to apply IRM on your SharePoint server
  • Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration Web site and click on Security menu in the Quick Launch
  • Click on the Configure information rights management under the Information Policy section
  • It will direct you to the Information Rights Management page
  • Select one form the following option

·         Do not use IRM on this server  - Stop using Right Management server on your SharePoint server
·         Use the default RMS server specified in Active Directory   - If there any Right management server in the Active Directory Domain service(AD DS) of your organization you can select this option.
·         Use this RMS server   If there is a Right Management server, you can give the URL of it to apply Rights management to the SharePoint server

Then Click OK

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