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CommentBox for SharePoint

By Eranda Ketawalage on Thursday, August 4, 2011 0 comments

  • Anonymous users can read comments, but must sign in to post.
  • Added new parameter “loadLiveProfile” to the CEWP argObj. This defines whether or not to load the profile image and email from the user profile, or to use the values stored in the comment. This will automatically be set to false for anonymous users. To accompany this change i have added some new fields to the configuration list (these will be automatically created when submitting the first comment), and changed the parameters “newCommentText” and “replyText” from string to array.
There are changes to these files:
  • CommentBox.js
  • spjs-webservices.js

Sample thread:


New comment – plain text:


New comment – Rich text:


List of features

  • Supports both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010
  • Tested in IE7, IE9, Safari 5.0.5 for Windows, Firefox 5.0 and Google Chrome 12.0.742.112
  • Multi level comments
  • You can collapse top level threads
  • Rich text or plain text comments
  • Option to allow the authors to edit their comments
  • Option to let specific users act as “moderators”
  • Can be used in multiple locations within the site as each instance is identified by the relative URL of the page
  • Simple “drop in CEWP-setup”
  • One list holds all comments for all instances within the site
  • This list that holds the comments is automatically created
  • Layout customizable trough separate css-file
  • And more…

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